Here we provide a listing of courses and workshops that are of interest to KCNhub members and the wider computational neuroscience community

Joint Physiology/IBME Graduate Course (JPB1071H) - Advanced Topics: Computational Neuroscience

06 January, 2022 - 21 April, 2022
Seminar style graduate course in computational neuorscience. It was first offered jointly with Physiology and IBME in 2020 with KCNhub members Drs. Frances Skinner and Milad Lankarany as course coordinators. To be offered once/year.
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IBME Graduate Course (BME1500) - Topics in Neuromodulation

15 September, 2021 - 08 December, 2021
CRANIA Neuromodulation Institute (CNMI) launching a graduate course that provides an overview of current and emerging neuromodulation modalities, with KCNhub members Drs. Luka Milosevic and Taufik Valiante as course instructors.
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Krembil Center for Neuroinformatics (KCNI) Summer School

05 July, 2021 - 14 July, 2021
A five-day course on the integration of multi-scale neuroscience data - encompassing genetics, brain structure and function, and cognition – designed to introduce participants to the concepts and methods behind psychiatric neuroinformatics.
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Neuromatch Academy

13 July, 2020 - 31 July, 2020
An online school for Computational Neuroscience by Neuromatch Academy ( - started in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Collected lectures available online via incf training space (link changed to reflect this).
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OCNC: OIST Computational Neuroscience Course

29 June, 2020 - 16 July, 2020
2020 course cancelled due to covid19, future offerings possible
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Computational Neuroscience Summer School, University of Ottawa

27 May, 2019 - 07 June, 2019
Future offerings possible
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