Krembil Computational Neuroscience

Krembil Computational Neuroscience

.... it is unclear where the inflection point describing model complexity and increased understanding lies.

Gjorgjieva et al. (Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2016)

The first thing to do is to clearly state the goal of the modeling...

Shou et al. (eLife, 2015)

Because science starts with human interactions.... we must hope for people with different cultures, expertise, perspectives and footwear to leave their prejudices at the door and learn to appreciate each others` strengths...

G. Laurent (Nature Neuroscience, 2000)

Simulation neuroscience is a catalyst for experimental neuroscience, not a replacement.

H. Markram (Neuroscience News and Research, 2020)

Global understanding, when it comes, will likely take the form of highly diverse panels loosely stitched together into a patchwork quilt

Churchland and Abbott (Nature Neuroscience, 2016)

...we should read the words on the page or screen, not the words in our head as we read papers by other scientists and try to make sure that our own papers capture our intent.

E Marder (eLife, 2020)

Neither ignore the details nor be consumed by them... the balance is the challenge in advancing our understanding.

Skinner and Mulloney (Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 1998)

The future will depend on stronger quantitative understanding in our experimental community and better biology intuition in our theory community.

E Marder (PLoS Biology, 2015)

Mathematics is biology`s next microscope.

JE Cohen (PLoS Biology, 2004)

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Wow! Thanks "KCNhub and Milad and Maurizio" for this special arrangement - chrysanthemum in particular is cool, as it's my japanese middle name :)
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Me with FES during my KCNhub summer
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Math is cool, and a key part of KCNhub

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