Here we provide a listing of conferences that are of interest to KCNhub members and the wider computational neuroscience community

Brain Criticality Virtual Meeting

06 October, 2020 - 09 October, 2020
This meeting intends to gather recent contributions in the field of systems neuroscience, with the purpose of further discussing the role of criticality and its implications in the dynamics of large neuronal populations, functional and structural connectivity, development and learning, robustness of system operation.
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Annual Computational Neuroscience (CNS) conference (online this year)

18 July, 2020 - 22 July, 2020
Note that all recordings from the CNS*2020 meeting are available on the OCNS Youtube channel: All programme information is archived on Sched for your convenience also:
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The Canadian Computational Neuroscience Spotlight Meeting (online)

15 June, 2020 - 16 June, 2020
The first ever Canadian Computational Neuroscience Spotlight Meeting, as organized by KCNhub and KCNI members (Drs. Scott Rich, Milad Lankarany, Andreea Diaconescu, John Griffiths)
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