Mathematical Neuroscience Talk of interest by Dr. Afroditi Talidou (KCNhub member)

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Day/time: Friday, February 19th at 9:25 am.Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 987 2774 5956
Passcode: 814448

Afroditi Talidou ( University of Ottawa, Canada)

Propagation of pulses along cylindrical surfaces

The generation of an action potential that propagates along a nerve axon has been a problem of significant interest since the early '50s. In this talk, I will discuss the FitzHugh-Nagumo model on a surface of a long, thin cylinder that represents the axonal membrane of a single neuron. This model is a system of a partial differential equation coupled with an ordinary differential equation in two dimensions (plus time). Key questions are the existence of a pulse -- a special solution that travels along the length of the axon -- and its stability under small perturbations of the initial conditions and the geometry.