Krembil Neuroinformatics Talk of interest by Dr. Frances Skinner (KCNhub member)

Title: “A modeling story of two brain cells”

Abstract: How do we address the challenge of bringing about a cellular-based understanding of our brain workings?  From a neurological disease perspective, this needs to be addressed as pathologies involve cellular specifics.  The ‘brain hub’ hippocampus is an essential brain structure for learning and memory states generating robust rhythmic activities.  However, figuring out how the multitude of cell types in the hippocampus contribute to these states is an immense challenge.  In this talk, I will share the approaches we have taken over the years to modelling inhibitory cells in the hippocampus.  This involves a tight and bidirectional integration between model and experiment that builds on the strengths and limitations of each. In this way, we have been able to develop testable insights and hypotheses of specific cell contributions to brain workings.


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