KCNhub members Drs. Milad Lankarany and Idir Mellal to present at IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Workshop

Wearable Technology has emerged as an efficient and sustainable solution for healthcare applications (e.g., personalized health) and sports. The integration of micro/nanoelectronics, wireless communications, and IoT technology with textile sensors – conductive yarns that can be knitted in dress, underwear, bra, sock, hat..., – has revolutionized traditional use of wearable technology. The new portable systems benefit from the safety, comfort, and reliability features of textile technology. Using textile sensors, we can develop non-invasive prosthetic devices that simultaneously capture multiple electrophysiological, biochemical, and biomechanical signals from the human body. Therefore, textile-based wearables preserve users’ comfort during daily use and open new perspectives in health science. Furthermore, smart textile technology enables the ability to act as a medium for human-computer interaction and creates endless possibilities for industry disruption.
The main objective of this workshop is to discuss the recent advancements of wearable systems, especially devices using textile technology, point out achievements and obstacles, and predict its growth. We will also propose and suggest some solutions according to the new trends in technology and science.
Our proposed workshop is intended to (i) cover the state of the art of the wearable medical devices and (ii) raise its strengths and shortcomings in different aspects concerning the expertise of the speakers. We believe that the proposed workshop is critical and highly timely for Medical Wearable Devices.
Our workshop is designed for a broad audience, including both research and industrial audiences. We have the opportunity of hosting worldwide leading scientists in wearable systems and medical instrumentations as well as highly impactful founders and CEOs of Canadian companies in Analog Design and Smart Textile Technology to address various aspects of wearable technology.

Link to register: https://embc.embs.org/2020/workshops/